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Little Black Dress provides a range of cost-effective and customised media services for businesses of any size or industry.

With degrees in Mass Communications and English, a post-Grad diploma in E-commerce and more than ten years as Marketing and Communications Manager with the WA Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Claire Jones is an experienced and qualified media professional.

Scripts & Soundtracks
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The team at Little Black Dress provides a professional script-writing service for radio commercials, corporate presentations and soundtracks. Some of Claire's recent work includes script production for the entertainment arm of Little Black Dress along with radio commercials and corporate presentations for the Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCI) - examples of which are listed below.


Session Singing & Vocal Solos
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Little Black Dress vocalists Claire Jones and Lydia Light pack a performance history that includes venues and events across the US, Canada, Asia and our own sunburnt country.

If you're in need of a soloist for a wedding, award night, party or corporate dinner, Little Black Dress is a name synonomous with vocal talent, professionalism and versatility. The girls can perform a high impact opening number or a 30 minute floorshow full of pop, rock or jazz classics to help make your event truly memorable.

The Little Black Dress vocalists are also available for session singing and commercial jingles.

Check out the following list for some recent examples of the girls' work, or alternatively, to learn more about the music and entertainment services on offer through Little Black Dress.

Copy Writing, Layout and Design
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Little Black Dress provides a professional copy writing, design and layout service for both print and electronic media including newspapers, magazines, industry journals, online directories, brochures, invitations and more. Some examples of our recent work are listed below.

Case Studies
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Claire was recently contracted by Platform Communications to research and write a series of case studies for BHP Billiton Nickel West regarding their community support projects throughout regional WA.

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As an accomplished wordsmith, Claire has written a range of features, news articles and media releases throughout her communications career. Her well-honed research and interviewing skills allow her to write about any subject and she's overseen the production of 12 corporate newsletters in the past 10 years. Some recent articles are listed below.

From BOOM to BUST!
Labor's plan to abolish workplace agreements could trigger a downward spiral for WA's resources sector. Amid all the prosperity and promise generated by the resources boom, the potential for a disastrous backward step to the dark ages of union-controlled workplaces and widespread industrial action looms on the horizon.
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Singapore or Perth: shop-over or stop-over?
Is Perth at risk of by-pass by adventure-seeking travellers en route from Europe to the Eastern States? Like Perth, Singapore is a gateway city to Australasia, but unlike Perth, it offers travellers seven-day trading, a selection of vibrant cultural districts and more hotels, shops and restaurants in one block than Perth offers in Northbridge, Subi and the CBD combined.
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Something phishy in the net
It might take years to build a name but only seconds to steal one through phishing - the online version of identify theft.
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A Mother's job is never done
Balancing work and family takes on a different spin when you combine the two from a home office. There are calls to make, deadlines to meet and children to feed. Claire Jones describes an average day in the "office" and provides some insight into what multi-tasking really means.
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Service with a smile
A good salesperson can sell somebody anything once, but their approach to customer service will determine whether they can sell that person anything again.
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